Hi, I’m Louie Flora, a lifelong Alaskan and commercial fisherman.

I am running for the Alaska State House to represent the citizens of the lower Kenai Peninsula. Growing up in coastal Alaska, I learned that community is built on friendship, tradition, hard work, respect for one another, and willingness to lend a hand to those in need. These are the values we live by on the lower Kenai Peninsula. I am running for office because our state needs policies that reflect these values.

Thank you for your support. Working together, we can strengthen Alaska.

Let's Connect

I look forward to hearing your ideas and issues out on the campaign trail. I believe that you and your family deserve safe roads, neighborhoods, and schools as well as a stable business environment. We need a long term and stable fiscal plan that protects the PFD and grows the Permanent Fund. We need policies that drive down Alaska’s high cost of energy, healthcare, insurance, and food. We need to protect our fisheries from bycatch and habitat degradation. With the help of our trade schools and Universities we need to tap into the natural energy, innovation and competitive spirit that defines Alaska to create the industries of the future. Drop me a line to tell me your ideas, or to set up a meeting.