July 11th, 2022 Newsletter

Hi Friends,

Greetings from Bristol Bay!  The fish are hot and heavy, and my crew is tired, a little ornery, but sure happy there are fish.

I feel blessed that Bristol Bay has been so productive the last few years.  I certainly hope the best for all fisherman around the State. Some fisheries in Alaska are struggling, we need to recognize this as a state issue and help those communities that are suffering.  We must dig deeper into bi-catch, and figure how to make all fisheries productive again.  

Alaska is no stranger to a boom-and-bust economy from fishing to tourism to petroleum, just to name a few. That’s why we need to capitalize when we can.  Alaska will see an upcoming influx of federal infrastructure funds.  This bill provides money for our roads, airports, modernizing utilities and pursuing clean energy.  I plan on advocating strongly to bring that to the Kenai Peninsula.  I think my back is still sore from hitting some of those potholes this past spring.  

I, like many others are feeling anxiety over the recent Supreme Court rulings.  Seems like one blow after another. These sentiments are deeply troubling on a global scale.  This tells me that more than ever we need strong leadership in Juneau.  Someone who will fight for our constitutional rights as citizens of Alaska.  Someone who will stand up for women and bodily autonomy and your right to privacy.  While the supreme court rulings are disappointing, we will continue to stay vigilant and keep our liberties in our great state.   

Which leads me to another issue, the constitutional convention. Opening Alaska’s constitution would fling the doors wide open to special interest groups and dark money.  Our state constitution works!  It protects our individual liberties, even amidst the Supreme Court rulings.  Voting no to a convention does not mean the constitution can or will never be amended, in fact it has been amended quite a few times through the amendment process that ultimately ends up on the ballot for citizens to decide.  Opening the constitution through a convention could take years, cost tax payer dollars and create a more divisive political climate than we already face.  If you have questions or feel the need for more information about Alaska’s constitutional convention, please reach out and email louie@floraforhouse.com.   

Last, I would like to say how proud I am to have a fantastic team of supporters! I heard the 4th of July parade was a blast. Thanks to all those who walked and proudly held signs high, and to all those who cheered. I truly appreciate all of you.  

I am looking forward to getting back to Homer and jumping right back in the thick of it. Please continue to email my campaign for any questions or comments at  louie@floraforhouse.com, my team will be sure to get back to you and answer any questions.  

In the mean time, carry on, be safe, and have fun!