Adequate and affordable healthcare is critical to our freedom as individuals and to the health of our economy.  Our health is inextricably tied to our ability to enjoy our freedom and to do our jobs.  Families should not have to work themselves ragged to ensure their children will be covered adequately if they are struck by illness. Healthcare costs can severely upend the economics of family life and can bankrupt businesses.  I support the Medicaid care that was expanded to thousands of working Alaskans under the Walker Administration.  I support the provision that families’ insurance can cover kids up to age 26 under the federal Affordable Healthcare law.  

Legislation was filed this past legislative session that would put a cap on the price of insulin per month.  I support this concept and would look to other medical price caps as well.  I support legislation under consideration this spring by the legislature to cap the co-pay cost of insulin at $100 per month.

Expansion of broadband through the federal infrastructure legislation will dramatically increase the option for telehealth programs in Alaska and will provide for innovations in education delivery statewide, with more options for high-school and college students to get on track for courses that will lead them to the medical field.  More homegrown physicians, dentists, nurses will lead to better jobs for Alaskans.  

Our local college campuses have incredible training opportunities for Emergency Medical Technicians, which are our first line of defense when a healthcare crisis arises.  University funding was severely diminished by the Dunleavy administration and a complicit Minority in the House, putting our innovative university campuses and all of their course offerings at risk of elimination.   

I support our local campuses, and their EMT and nursing programs.