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Safe Communities

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Safe Communities

There is no doubt that we have unacceptable rates of sexual assualt, gun violence, alcohol and drug abuse and property crimes in Alaska.  We all want to live in communities where we are not worried about getting our things stolen, or getting physically assaulted on the street or in the home.  We want our kids to know that their school is a safe place and that their home is a safe place.  

I support robust funding for law enforcement and a robust funding for anti-recidivism programs like alcohol and drug counseling, as well as support programs for the victims of sexual assualt and other violence.   

Trauma in childhood has a direct and adverse impact on future outcomes.  Extracurricular and after school programs in schools can provide youth an alternative path.  Alaska ranks 43rd in the nation for overall child well-being and for the past decade, state investments in services for children and youth have declined by nearly 13%.  We need to invest in children’s services including Pre-K education in order to help turn the ship around in Alaska. We all have a role in crime prevention as a community.  

Non-profit organizations such as Alaska Children’s Trust, Alaska Resilience Initiative, Alaska Afterschool Network, and Prevent Child Abuse Alaska are some of groups working to put a stop to child abuse, neglect and trauma.

Indigenous-led organizations are a driving force behind getting the Governor put renewed focus on the issue of Missing and Murdered Indigenous Persons.  I support this effort of state and nation-wide importance.  

Since recreational use is legal statewide, I support expungement of low level marijuana offenses.  An old bust for possession before it became legal should not stay on a person’s record and impact the ability of our young people to get jobs.

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