The Permanent Fund

Protecting and increasing the value of our $82 Billion Permanent fund is critically important as we look to create a long-term and stable fiscal plan for Alaska that includes a Permanent Fund Dividend for Alaskans. I support independence for the Permanent Fund Trustees so that they can follow the prudent investment rule and maximize the value of the fund. The firing of the Executive Director, Angela Rodell, by the trustees is an example of politics getting in the way of sound investments. I do not believe that the Permanent Fund will grow if politicians seek to require the fund to be invested in secret boondoggle projects in Alaska. The fund will help our population achieve its goals if we can grow it to over $100 Billion and that means appropriate inflation proofing of the fund – not overdrawing it to fund either state services or a PFD.  If we raid the golden goose today, our kids will have no PFD and the fund will lose value, requiring more statewide taxes.