August 29th, 2022 Newsletter

Great turnout at the ‘Ladies for Louie’ event at Sweetgale Meadery!

Greetings from the rainy end of August.  What a month it has been!

The Primary election count will be finalized later this week and at this point, our campaign holds 40% of the vote.  This puts us in a competitive position entering the general election season – the incumbent has just over 50% and the other candidate has about 8%.  Turnout generally favors the incumbent during primary elections and our campaign is just warming up.  When we were down a goal or two in hockey, my favorite saying was “now we have a game” and that is how I feel today.  Passion, skill, momentum, and teamwork are what prevail in the end, and this campaign has all of the right stuff.  We plan to meet with and listen to as many Alaskans as possible in the next two months.  The people of this district are truly wonderful and they deserve strong representation in Juneau.  

The Homer Marine Trades Commission put on a reception for the launch of the largest Bay Weld vessel built to date, the Point Sophia.  Northern Enterprises, a venerable local institution, has launched so many of our boats and each launching is always a time of trepidation to one degree or another for the captain and crew. Whether all systems will work once the boat is in the water is always an open question no matter how new the vessel is.  Leaving the slings at Northern Enterprises is always a bit like flying from the nest.  The Point Sophia had a graceful launch.  Congratulations to the Bay Weld crew!

Local kids headed off to college and other life endeavors are the other launchings this time of year.  Let’s wish them all a safe and fulfilling year ahead. There are so many responsibilities that our young people face in the world and voting can sometimes get lost in the fray.  Please be sure, if you have kids headed off into the world, to make a plan for them to have their voices heard in the local, state, and national elections that will mean so much to their futures.  The Flora For House campaign will be working in the lead-up to the November election to make sure that eligible voters have the tools they need to cast their votes and keep our Democracy strong.Finally – sorry to strain the metaphor – we will be launching our new campaign office this Thursday with an open-house from 4-7p.m. The office is located downstairs at the Kachemak Center building on Heath Street behind Panama Reds and the Kachemak Bay Animal Hospital.  601 E Pioneer Ave Suite 104.  Please drop in, enjoy some refreshments, pick up a bumper sticker and let us know your ideas.  We will soon be holding regular office hours in the afternoons.  

See you soon,


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