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October 10th, 2022

October 1oth, 2022 Newsletter

Thank you to Barb and John Angaiak for hosting a wonderful evening last Saturday!

Greetings friends, 

We are combining our volunteer newsletter and district newsletter into one this week to keep the volume of emails in your inbox down.  

We are headed down the pike toward November!  Days are going by fast and we have lots of stuff happening with the campaign.  

We are sorry we did not make it to Seldovia on Sunday.  It was a wild weather day for sure!  We will get over there soon and give a heads prior. On the bright side, I was able to spend some quality family time with my kids walking the Anchor river trail.  It is one of the most splendid places on earth in the fall time.  Even though I grew up here, I still feel incredibly lucky to be able to raise my family and continue to live here.   

Here are the happenings this next week:

Wednesday, Oct.12th

Thursday, Oct.13

Friday, Oct. 14th

Saturday, Oct.15th

Sunday, Oct.16th

Ongoing:Over the next two weeks,  We will be setting up a mobile office in Anchor Point, Ninilchik, Basargin Road, Clam Gulch, and Kasilof. Different day, different place.  We will post on Facebook the exact locations and days we will be in the different parts of the district.

For Volunteers:

A last note, we had a wonderful event hosted by Barb and John Angaiak. Thank you to all who came.  We enjoyed the company and the great food!  Thank you to Erica Marley and The Angaiaks for organizing this great event! 

Pheeeeww this is a lot!  Stay tuned for more events in the next coming weeks!  

Thank you to all who have contributed time and money to this campaign.  We are seeing some great strides happening!


Campaign office hours are weekday evenings 4-6 pm. We do have mid-day hours that tend to vary throughout the week.   Anytime the sandwich board is out on the street feel free to come in.

Located at 601 E Heath St. Suite 4
 As always I am available at 907-717-9602, through email at, and the website at  Call Sarah at 907-299-2316 for any campaign-related query.

601 E Heath St, Suite 104
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