On Privacy

On Privacy I believe in our personal right to privacy we have in our Alaska Constitution and its impact in our daily lives. We don’t need big government in the doctor’s office with us as we make private medical decisions with our doctors. You cannot have freedom without the right to privacy. Can you imagine our…

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The Permanent Fund

The Permanent Fund Protecting and increasing the value of our $82 Billion Permanent fund is critically important as we look to create a long-term and stable fiscal plan for Alaska that includes a Permanent Fund Dividend for Alaskans. I support independence for the Permanent Fund Trustees so that they can follow the prudent investment rule…

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Fiscal Plan

Fiscal Plan Fiscal plans have come and gone for years and something inevitably gets in the way. This year the high price per barrel of oil combined with federal infrastructure spending has decreased the urgency for the legislature to deal with the problem of our structural deficit. Past administrations have proposed a package of tax increases across…

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Oil Tax Revenue

Oil Tax Revenue The petroleum profits tax that Sarah Palin introduced and the legislature passed during a time of high oil prices in 2007 created a budget surplus that was used to increase capital budget spending on our infrastructure. The result was that Alaska was able to avoid the worst impacts of the great recession. The 2007…

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man installing solar panels on rooftop

Renewable Energy

Renewable Energy The future belongs to renewable forms of energy. The price of wind and solar generation has dropped at an impressive rate and continues to drop nationally and globally. In Alaska, the economics of renewable energy is constrained by our small and far flung population, but it is charging ahead at the local, utility, and even…

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eggs in a bowl next to cucumber, a loaf of bread, and greens

Food Security

Food Security With the increasing cost of goods from the lower 48 it is critical that the state support increases in local food production.   The Kenai Peninsula boasts a substantial and growing number of local food producers – from our world-famous Oysters in Kachemak Bay, to organic pork and beef, and high tunnel greens. …

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a pile of cash on the american flag

Campaign Finance

Campaign Finance The legislature failed to pass legislation to put limitations on campaign contributions from individuals this spring, so for this campaign cycle there will be no limits to the amount of money that an individual can give to an individual candidate.  This is because the courts struck down our former $500 limit, and the…

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three boats tied up to each other in the bay

Our Fisheries

Our Fisheries Salmon do not do well in 70 degree water.  Crab mortality increases when they lose their cold water refuge associated with the sea ice pack.  Cod can’t compete and reproduce well in a marine heatwave.  Without significant global effort to curb carbon emissions and a serious effort in the Pacific Northwest and Alaska…

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a high school building that is brown and green plants in front


Education As a product of McNeil Canyon, Paul Banks, Homer Jr. High and Homer High School I support our schools and I believe that public education serves a critical role in society.  We need predictable funding to recruit and retain good teachers.  I saw firsthand how hard it was for students and teachers during the…

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two men working on the frame of a house

Affordable Housing

Affordable Housing There is increased awareness about the need for affordable housing for workers. As Alaska tourism comes booming back after COVID, the VRBO (Airbnb) market has put a serious crimp on the long term rental market.  Many service industry workers have to live substantial distances from their place of work as there is nowhere…

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Healthcare Adequate and affordable healthcare is critical to our freedom as individuals and to the health of our economy.  Our health is inextricably tied to our ability to enjoy our freedom and to do our jobs.  Families should not have to work themselves ragged to ensure their children will be covered adequately if they are…

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two boats docked up in a flat calm harbor

Safe Communities

Safe Communities There is no doubt that we have unacceptable rates of sexual assualt, gun violence, alcohol and drug abuse and property crimes in Alaska.  We all want to live in communities where we are not worried about getting our things stolen, or getting physically assaulted on the street or in the home.  We want…

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